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Deep tissue Massage contraindications

Certain areas should be avoided or caution used while receiving massage.

In general infections and undiagnosed pain should be checked by a medical doctor.
Moreover, your therapist needs to be informed of certain conditions that would not be beneficial to your
Communication is key.

· Acute injuries- Sprains/ strains within the acute inflammatory stage. Within in the first few days of
incident, injuries should be avoided. First aid, R.I.C.E. Rest, ice , compress, and elevate injured area.
Very light massage during and definitely after this stage can speed recovery time, the healing process,
and limit scar tissue formation
· Varicose veins
· Open wounds. Again, massage after the acute stage can help can limit scar tissue
· Areas with sensation loss
· DVT, deep vein thrombosis, i.e. blood clots
· Eyes. Obviously a finger in the eye is not good. Also, care should be taken if contact lenses are worn. It
may be better to remove them for treatment.
· Tumors, benign tumors could be stimulated by deep transverse friction
· Areas of main arteries (i.e. the groin, armpit, and front of neck). Much care is taken while massage is
being done in these areas
· Deep pressure over nerves
· Bony prominences. The styloid process behind the ear, spineous processes…
· Lymph nodes
· Bacterial infections. Boils and or inflamed hair follicles
· Contagious conditions. Cold sores, fungal infections like athletes foot and ringworm
Colds and infections like the “flu” should not be shared even with your worst enemy. Please be kind
and reschedule for a latter time.